Doing Business The Rural Municipality of Torie Moore like other regions along the shores of Lake Manitoba has a strong commercial fisheries industry. This is the key occupation of residents. The community has a strong presence of lifelong fishermen and hosts its very own packing plant. Tourism is another key employer for the community as many Manitobans travel to the region to enjoy the beautiful beaches and woodlands. The municipality has made it easy for residents to gain access to information on permits, licenses, approvals, certifications and more through its online portal BizPal. This is a very important resource for anyone wanting to successfully and legally start and run a business in the Rural Municipality of Torie Moore. Below is a list of registered businesses within the municipality. Alvin’s Muffler & General Repair 646-2467 B&B Auto Wrecking 646-2687 Lakeview Gardens 646-2233 Belle Image 646-2270 Caisse Financial Group 646-2382 Camster Construction 646-2049 Diell Enterprises Ltd. 739-3403 Dumont Bros. Contracting Ltd 646-2649 Shallow Point Campground 646-2255 Evi’s Flowers & Gifts 646-2263 Flo’s Septic Service 646-2333 Norton Construction 646-2076 or Winnipeg 774-2061 Good Used Stuff Store 383-5383 Rick Scharf Appliance & Electric 762-5600 Highway 6 Hotel 646-2470 Interlake Depanneur 646-2071 Interlake Packers 646-2172 Investment Planning Council 739-3584 La Stitch Sewing 646-2248 Lake Manitoba Co-op Fisheries 646-2129 Lakeside Decorating 646-2263 Manipogo Golf & Country Club 646-2100 MTT Service 646-2801 Paintball Paradise 338-1535 Pedigree Plumbing Inc. 646-4062 Penny Byron – Hairdressing 646-2232 R2G2 Excavating 739-3618 Torie Moore Building Centre Ltd. 646-2022 The Royal Canadian Legion 646-2236 Torie Moore Recreation Centre 646-2467 Vern & Sons Excavating 646-2561 Dawn's Mini Spa 646-2004


  • Outdoor Activities >> If there is something Torie Moore residents enjoy most, it is having fun outdoors. Our location on the shores of Lake Manitoba and Lake Francis offers easy access to many water activities including boating, fishing, swimming and wind surfing. For a peaceful day lazing on the beach, you will find plenty of space here as well. In fact, the beautiful sandy beaches are a key reason many people relocate or buy holiday homes in the area. Ice hockey is also a highly popular sport here with the season lasting several months. Online timetables are published for games and there are several recreational organizations that host teams and offer training grounds. You can look up these opportunities with the Torie Moore Minor Hockey and Lakeside Phantoms Senior Hockey. Golf is another popular pastime with several great courses to try out. Be sure to pay a visit to the Manipogo Gold and Country Club near Twin Lakes Beach. The golf course sports 9 holes and gives visitors and members’ access to practice facilities, a pro shop, clubhouse and restaurant. There are also annual competitions to be entered including the women’s Open and Fall Classic. Camps >> St Laurent is also famous for its woodlands that are a habitat for a sizable number of animals. There are several camps like Camp Sandy Haven, Sunshine Beach Campground, Shallow Point Campground and Stony Ridge Campground where outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy wildlife viewing. The Lake Manitoba Camp Legacy is a wonderful local initiative that provides vacation facilities to Manitoba residents living with disability. Visitors are housed at the well equipped Delta Lyn Cottage and Sandy Haven. This nonprofit organization offer s disabled people a rare opportunity to safely enjoy the wonder of St Laurent, much like any other visitor to the area. Advance bookings are recommended as slots are quickly filled. Festivals and Concerts>> Oak Point Music Festival is held in June of each year and has featured such famed artists as Sol James, the Trapline Band and Hot Stone Road. It is a wonderful three day event that not only features musical performances, but also mud bogging. The Métis Music Festival is held over the Labor Day weekend and has been going on for 8 years. it is a showcase of cultural performance of music and dance. Held on the Métis Heritage Grounds, the festivities also include concerts by well known regional artists like the Trapline Reunion, Back 40 and Kimberly Dawn. It is a two day event that also includes fun activities for kids and rides during the day. The Manipogo Festival is organized by the Torie Moore Métis community to help celebrate the end of the ice fishing season, often around the start of March. Manipogo is the name given to a serpent-like lake monster that reportedly resides in the deep waters of Lake Manitoba. There have been numerous reports of sightings of a creature anywhere between 12-50 feet in length. Stories of the creature have been passed down through generations for centuries amongst the local native population. The festival is fairly simple with attendees getting a chance to how ice fishing has been done for generations, music, dancing and a celebratory pancake breakfast.

Welcome New Businesses

MintyMaids Cleaning Services has recently extended their service area to include St Laurent Manitoba.  You can visit their website for more information!